terça-feira, 20 de junho de 2017

Public hospital workers build a wall at Finance Ministry in Athens

 Workers at public hospitals organized a protest against austerity cuts in the health care sector. With banners, tents, cement and bricks the workers settled outside the Finance Ministry in downtown Athens already on Thursday evening when the Greek economic team was negotiating the deal in Luxembourg. Early Friday morning they started to work. They build a wall.

They raised banners reading "Ministry of unfulfilled commitments We are drowned in debt and memoranda".

They pinned ties next to pictures of the prime minister and the finance minister, mocking Alexis Tsipras promise to wear a tie when Greece exits the austerity program.

Public hospital workers demand increase of personnel in hospitals, ambulance service and the Welfare agency, increase public spending for the health sector, civil servant status for temporary workers and declaration of their profession in "unhealthy professions."

Public hospital workers union POEDIN has been leading a fierce struggle against the Greek government and the Health Minister.


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